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A Simple & Reliable Latin Dictionary

Search for a word, phrase, sentence or paragraph.


A Fast and Comprehensive Dictionary

Extremely Fast

Find definitions and inflections of words using our optimized algorithm that returns results in a matter of milliseconds.

A Comprehensive Dictionary

Our dictionary includes words compiled from numerous famous dictionaries, including the Oxford Latin Dictionary, Lewis and Short, and Cassel's Latin Dictionary.

Learn Latin Easily

Learn new words everyday with the word of the day and save and add words to your personal dictionary. Video lessons and grammar lessons are also coming soon.

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gallia est omnis divisa in partes tres

Multi-Word Lookups

Parse whole phrases and sentences instantly with our powerful multi-word lookup feature. Makes translating and homework a breeze!

Play Latin Games!

Browse our collection of games to have fun while learning new words and improving your vocabulary. Currently, there is only one game available (Latin Wordle), but we are working on more!

What is

Have a question? Please email our support team. is a free tool for parsing and translating Latin words and forms. We offer an impressive dictionary of around 40,000 words and millions of inflections. is brought to you ad-free and is specialized for Latin learners.

1. Enter a word or phrase or sentence in the search bar. You can search for a word or phrase in the dictionary or use the autocomplete feature to find words that start with the letters you type.

2. Search for the word or phrase you want to lookup.

3. Navigate the results by clicking on the tabs labelled by the word you searched.

4. Click on the sound icon to have the word read out loud to you.

5. Click on the star icon to save the word to your personal word list

6. Click on the dictionary entry of a word to get more data about the word, including a complete paradigm, example sentences of the word and data on where the word comes from.

The best way that you can get involved is by referring your friends to, so that we can continue to grow. If you are interested in working on the project, please email us.
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