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Latin Wordle

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Come back each day to play a new Latin Wordle. Don't forget to share your results with your friends!

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Create and study wordlists, flashcards, and quizzes to help you learn Latin.

Import or create your own wordlists and flashcards. Then, study them using our built-in flashcard and quiz features.


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Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, shoot us an email and we’ll help you out.

    • How do I use latindictionary.io?

      All you need is a web browser and an internet connection!

    • What is the difference between a student and a teacher account?

      Students have all the same priveledges that teachers do, except student cannot create classes.

    • How does the analyze feature work?

      The analyze features uses a custom version of the Words program to parse inflections and find meta-data about each word.

    • Why are users allowed to edit documents?

      We believe that open-sourcing Latin documents will help foster a more comprehensive database of Latin resources so that students can easily find what they need.

    • What is the Library for?

      We have compiled many different Latin texts into our own database so that we can provide example usage of words and so that we can provide more training data for our parser.

    • Why should I migrate my Quizlet sets to latindictionary.io?

      Quizlet is great for memorizing vocab, but it is not specifically designed for learning Latin. We have designed our platform to integrate word lists with games, so that you can have fun and your class can stay in sync.

    • How do I play Latin games?

      Currently, we offer two fun puzzle games: Latin Wordle and our custom word list guessing game. To play Latin Wordle, go to the Games page and click on Latin Wordle. To play our guessing game, create or search for a word list and click "Play!"

    • How can I contribute to the project?

      The best way you can contribute is by maintaining and updating the Docs! We also accept donations so we can keep the site completely free.

    • I forgot my account's email. What do I do?

      Send us an email and we will help you out.